Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sneak peak! Sullen Clothing

Very excited to share this news. My piece "Tempestuous" is soon to be release on a tee by Sullen Clothing.

Here's a very sneaky peek of @richiebon wearing a sample of the tee with none other than Scary Spice, Mel B!

Ode to the Golden Age

This current body of work that I’m creating is an ode to the long tradition of dutch still life painting, and inspired by my last visit to Amsterdam. There is something so glorious about the simplicity of a still-life.

It reflects my love of beauty and romance. It is time suspended, the transitory nature of existence: life, death and the after-life. It is my desire to make these images more permanent, to freeze time. For that reason the animals depicted in this series are all endanger species, illustrating the fragility of time.

Wheel of Fortune

You can still catch the Tarot Under Oath exhibition on at Last Rites Gallery in New York. It runs until 1st March.

Here's my full piece below, my interpretation of the card, "Wheel of Fortune".

Wheel of Fortune
"Tarot Under Oath"
acrylic on gesso board, 2013
14 x 21 inches, 35.6 x 53.3 cm