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North Sydney Art Prize - Award for painting

So happy to announce that my painting "The Empress" was awarded the prize for painting in the North Sydney Art Prize 2017.

Here's a statement about the work:

“The Empress” features the waratah. Traditionally thought of as red, “Shade of Pale” is a unique hybrid, adding curiosity, asking us to stop and consider the familiar, simply seeing and then hopefully discovering further depths of hidden wonder within it.

The iconic Australian native flower emerges out of the void. Under the spotlight the subject alludes to the transitory nature of existence; to life and death. It is time suspended and reflects our cultural identity, asking questions about our responsibility to the natural world.

It urges us to look more closely as we passively observe, something rarely done anymore. Still life contrasts with our lives today - dynamic and frenetic, always moving and constantly shifting.

It echoes global concerns for dramatically declining honeybee populations, illustrating the fragili…

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